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α¯ Aminoisobutyric Acid Leads a Fluorescent syn-bimane LASER Probe Across the Blood-brain Barrier

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 1 ]


Inbal Lapidot, Danny Baranes, Albert Pinhasov, Gary Gellerman, Amnon Albeck, Flavio Grynszpan and Shimon E. Shatzmiller   Pages 48 - 53 ( 6 )


Penetration of the blood brain barrier (BBB) by appropriate fluorescent probes remains a challenge in optical imaging and diagnostics. We designed, synthesized and observed the in vivo BBB penetration of a LASER syn-bimane probe. Results demonstrate that the Aib transporter unit in our probe may lead a fluorescent bimanyl moiety across the BBB.


Blood-brain barrier, fluorescence microscopy, fluorescent probe, LASER dye, syn-bimane.


Department of Biological Chemistry, Ariel University, Ariel 40700, Israel.

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