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Anti-Tubercular and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Azetidin-2-One Derivatives and Their Effects on the Activity of Phospholipase A2

[ Vol. 4 , Issue. 2 ]


Mayur C. Yerigeri, Satish Kumar Murari, Kuntebommanahalli N. Thimmaiah, Shanta Kumar Sugur Math and Bannikuppe Sannanaik Vishwanath   Pages 190 - 193 ( 4 )


The title compounds have been synthesized and tested for structure activity relationship for Phospholipase A2 (PLA2) [E.C.] enzyme inhibition. The in vitro anti-tubercular, PLA2 enzyme inhibitory activities of azetidin-2-one derivatives and in vivo anti-inflammatory studies using mice are highlighted. The analogues of azetidin-2-one were prepared based on the initial activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). Certain azetidin-2-one analogues described herein showed moderate to good anti-tubercular activity. In particular, two compounds (4f) and (4g) exhibited MIC values of 1.56 and 0.78 μg/mL respectively against the Mtb H37Rv strain. Chloro substitution on aryloxy acid apparently enhanced the antimycobacterial activity and also PLA2 inhibition in the azetidin-2-one series described herein. The ability of azetidin-2-one analogues as anti-inflammatory agents has also been determined. The results show some correlation between anti-inflammatory, anti-tubercular activity and expression of PLA2 enzyme.


Phospholipase A2 (PLA2), anti-inflammatory, antitubercular, azetidin-2-one derivatives, mycobacterium tuberculosis(Mtb)


BOYSCAST Fellow, Room No. 1.58, Department of Medical Oncology, Cancer Center Amsterdam, Vrije University Medical Center, 1117, De Boelalaan, 1181 Hv, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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