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Leishmanicidal Activity of New Megazol Derivatives

[ Vol. 5 , Issue. 4 ]


R. R. Riente, V. P. Souza, S. A. Carvalho, M. Kaiser, R. Brun and E. F. da Silva   Pages 392 - 397 ( 6 )


A series of thirteen new megazol derivatives, designed exploring the molecular hybridization approach between megazol (3) and heterocombretastatins (2), was synthesized. These new compounds were tested for in vitro antiparasitic activity upon axenic amastigotes of Leishmania donovani. Biological results led us to identify a new potent megazol derivative (4g), which presents an IC50 = 0.081μg/mL, more active tham the reference drug miltefosine (IC50 = 0.131μg/mL).


Leishmanicidal, megazol derivatives, molecular hybridization, heterocombretastatin, cytotoxic, sulfones


FioCruz-Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz, Instituto deTecnologia em Farmacos - Far Manguinhos Rua Sizenando Nabuco, 100, Manguinhos, 21041-250 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.

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