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Synthesis of a Fluorescently Labeled Compound for the Detection of Arsenic-induced Apoptotic HL60 Cells

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 2 ]


A. Lis Femia, C. Facundo Temprana, M. Silvia Amor, Mariano Grasselli and Silvia del V. Alonso   Pages 222 - 229 ( 8 )


Arsenic compounds have shown medical usefulness since they proved to be effective in causing complete remission of acute promyelocytic leukemia. In this work we obtained a fluorescently labeled arsenic compound that can be used with current fluorescence techniques for basic and applied research, focused on arsenic-induced apoptosis studies. This compound is an arsanilic acid bearing a covalently linked FITC that was chemically synthesized and characterized by fluorescence, UV-Vis, mass and FTIR spectrometry. In addition, we assessed its apoptotic activity as well as its fluorescent labeling properties in HL60 cell line as a leukemia cell model through flow cytometry. We obtained a compound with a 1:1 FITC:arsenic ratio and a 595 m/z, confirming its structure by FTIR. This compound proved to be useful at inducing apoptosis in the leukemia cell model and labeling this apoptotic cell population, in such a way that the highest FITC fluorescence correlated with the highest arsenic amount.


Apoptosis, arsanilic acid, arsenic compounds, fluorescein, fluorescence techniques, leukemia, spectrometry, FTIR, HL60


Laboratorio de Biomembranas, Departamento de Ciencia y Tecnologia, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Roque Saenz Pena 352, Bernal, B1876BXD, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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